Python News Roundup – 5/7

New tool releases, PyOhio seeking proposals, goodies in the standard library, some best practices, and some dirty tricks.



  • PyOhio is looking for proposals for talks and other contributions.
  • mxODBC has been updated to prevent a fault with 2.7.4. mxODBC is an ODBC interface for Python 2.x.
  • Wing IDE released it’s 4.1.13 version. They describe it as a minor release with lots of bug fixes, and improved project load times.
  • Boston CPython recently ran a sprint for new contributors. It’s actually pretty cool to read about (as a beginner myself) ways that people new to the project can quickly close so many tickets.

    Here was the pitch:

    Want to contribute to Python? Join us for a 1-day development sprint on the CPython language implementation and standard library. This event is focused specifically on new contributors to the language! Several committers and experienced contributors will be with us to help with the mechanics of the contribution process as we triage tickets and make progress on bugs.

    Our goal is for everyone to have submitted at least one patch by the end of the event!

    20 new CPython developers got together and made progress on almost 40 tickets that afternoon:


Tutorials, Tools and Articles

General Programming


  • None at this time.

Tutorials, Tools and Articles

  • None at this time.

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